E-Commerce and E-Marketing

Your marketing plan should be designed to grow your business through targeted communication, intelligent customer and lead nurturing, excellent follow-up and natural referrals.  There are so many ideas, strategies and tactics available, that many business owners are not clear on where to start or how to develop a marketing plan. In addition to helping you set up your systems and software, we work with you to map out a plan to attract and keep happy customer.

Seven Simple Steps

There are 7 simple steps to creating a perfect marketing plan.  Our goal is to help you identify what this needs to look like, and then use web-based technology to automate as many tasks as possible.

Tools we use to implement your perfect marketing plan…

Newsletters and Opt-in Forms

Putting a form on your website or Facebook page that lets your  visitors to add themselves to your contact list is a good place to start. This allows you to easily send group emails and online newsletters. If you don’t already have an email marketing program, we can help you figure out which one would work best for you and and your business.  If you need help setting up email templates, we offer that as well. Most email programs allow you to customize the emails you send so that you only send people information and offers that they are interested in.

Targeted, Personalized Autoresponders

Autoresponders are email messages that are automatically sent based on criteria you set up and the preferences and behavior of the those you are sending to.  If you design these well, you will dramatically increase your ability to build relationships with current and potential customers. Also, the often neglected area of follow-up can be automated with autoresponder messages as well.

E-Commerce:  we help you make money online!

Selling your products and services online is a great way to generate income from your website. If you just have a few products to sell, or need an entire online store, we can set your website up with this capability.

If you sell digital products like e-books or audio files, we can set that up for you too. What about video? Yes, you can sell that online too.

This feature can also be used for fund-raising and collecting donations.

Getting Social

Since many  consumers use social media in some form to learn about products and services, you can’t afford to ignore the social sphere. You can start a blog to talk about new products, industry news or company updates. Or, consider rewarding Twitter followers or customers who “Like” you on Facebook with exclusive offers and specials.  We can help you get these services set up and even assist you in managing them.

Affiliate and Referral Programs

Affiliates are third parties who market your product on their website and through email or social media.  Since people are more likely to do business with someone when they’re introduced by a mutual acquaintance, customer referral programs are a powerful way to expand your exposure to new customers and clients.

Free Reports, E-books and Other Digital Downloads

You are an expert when it comes to your business. Why not share some of what you know with those who visit your website.  Not only will this help to establish you as an expert, it is an easy way to ask your site visitors for their contact information in exchange for your report, e-book or other digital download.