Why you? . . . Why now?

If you can answer the these two questions in a compelling manner, then you have what you need to get started marketing your product or service.

Let’s take a closer look at those two questions. Grab a pen and notepad and jot down some thoughts.

Why You?

Think for a moment about one of your biggest competitors. Why should someone buy from you instead of them? What makes you unique? The answer to this is what marketers call your “Unique Selling Position.” Your answers may include your location, expertise, price or friendly, personal service. I really like the word “unique” because it implies “one of a kind.” So, as we work through the “Why You?” question, keep in mind that we are developing an answer that can only be said about you, your business, your product or your service.

Awesome Adjectives

Don’t forget…to include unique identifiers like being fun, quirky, nerdy, geeky, sophisticated, family-friendly, green, romantic, etc. I’ve put together an “Awesome Adjectives” PDF that I’d be glad to send you. Just request it at the end of this post.


When other people are talking about you and your business, what are they saying? Do you know? If not, what could you do to find out? What do your satisfied customer say? What about the unsatisfied ones? I recently heard some describe social media marketing as gossip marketing because as business owners, we really do want other people to be talking about us.

As long as we are talking about gossip, let’s also think about what people are saying about your competition. What is a common complaint about them and how are you NOT that?

Make me feel important

Several years ago I heard someone say that everyone is wearing an invisible under shirt that says, “Make Me Feel Important!” What does your company do to accomplish this. Do your customers feel like VIPs? Is there something you can include in your Unique Selling Position” that focuses on this?

You are perfect for me!

Who is your ideal customer? The answer can’t be everyone.  If you were able to choose exactly what your next 10 customers looked like, what would you choose? Imagine you are telling a friend about a recent perfect customer. What are you saying? Keep in mind that part of the answer to “Why You?” includes who you are best able to serve.

Something sticky

In the book, “Made To Stick” the authors share the results their research uncovered about sticky ideas. People will remember something better if it includes:

Why Now?

If you don’t…


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