WordPress Website Designer

Question: Cheri, why do you love WordPress?

Answer: I’ve developed websites using Frontpage, Dreamweaver, Joomla and WordPress, and WordPress is definitely my favorite. With it I am able to develop a website with highly customized features, functions and design.  Since a WordPress site can be edited from any computer with an Internet connection, it is a perfect choice for anyone who travels or uses more than one computer. You can also include a blog where you can share your thoughts, ideas or information with others.  Once the website is created, I am able to train even those who aren’t tech-savvy how to use and update their own website. (Note to self: husbands might be exempt…)

I have a genuine love for learning and a passion for helping others learn and grow. Using the online environment to connect like-minded people is a field that I continue to explore.  I guess that is one of the reasons that I love designing websites for organizations, helping business owners and creating E-learning environments.

“Learn something new every day! Then share it with someone else. After years of doing teaching and training, I’ve come to appreciate the value in just being one step ahead and then turning to help someone else learn what you know.” ~ Cheri ~

Basically, I love helping people learn things that help them be more productive and effective. If we can use technology to do it, that just makes it more fun.  I‘d love to have the opportunity to explore how ArtSci Designs could serve you and the company or organizations you represent. Please feel free to contact me to schedule a time to discuss your project ideas and needs.good design

My Definition of Good Design

Artsci \art-see\ adjective 1. the state of being in which a thing is simultaneously appealing to the visual senses and fully effective in its technical design. 2. a harmonious fusion of creativity and organization. 3. fun and functional  Origin: Early 21st Century Geek. (Just for fun!)  This means it looks great and functions well!

More Personal Stuff

Cheri holds a Masters degree in Educational Technology as well as a Bachelors in General Business and is the owner and lead project manager for ArtSci Designs, a company that specializes in WordPress website design and E-commerce services. She has over 26 years of teaching experience in both elementary and college level environments. For several years she served as the adult education director and webmaster for a non-profit Christian organization.  She has coordinated contract training and community education classes, does corporate leadership training and serves as an Adjunct Professor teaching computer classes. In addition, she has done consulting work for the National Science Foundation and was a contributing author for a book on learning strategies in an information society. Recently she spent 3+ years co-founding a membership-based, integrated health webinar company. She also currently serves  a 12 branch Credit Union as their E-Marketing Specialist.